The RevClear Auto-Posting Feature Has Arrived!


  • RevolutionEHR has released a new RevClear auto-posting feature that automates payment allocation for optometry practices.
  • Auto-posting can increase revenue and streamline payment information by providing real-time updates to staff.
  • Optometry practices can save time and increase revenue using RevolutionEHR to streamline practice management for workflow optimization.

RevolutionEHR has just released its much-anticipated RevClear auto-posting feature. This powerful tool is now available to all RevolutionEHR customers who use RevClear and ERAs and is designed to streamline your insurance payment processing and reduce manual data entry. With just a few clicks, you can enable the auto-posting feature and spend less time posting payments and more time on patient care.

Benefits of Auto-Posting

An auto-posting feature integrated into your practice management software offers numerous benefits, including:

Saves Time

Auto-posting saves time by automating the process of allocating insurance payments and reducing the need for manual data entry based on the Remittance Advice. Compared to manual processing, which can take hours to complete, auto-posting can process payments in minutes, freeing up staff to focus on other essential tasks.

Improves Accuracy

Auto-posting ensures increased accuracy by eliminating errors caused by manual data entry, such as transposed digits and typos.

Increases Revenue

Auto-posting can benefit optometry practices by increasing revenue and improving efficiency, leading to a more effective revenue cycle management and consistent cash flow.

Provides Real-Time Payment Information

Auto-posting can provide real-time payment information to optometry practices. With this feature, this information is automatically updated, providing staff with up-to-date payment information and helping to streamline revenue cycle management.

Real-time payment information also allows practices to quickly identify and address any issues with denied claims or underpayments to ensure they’re resolved promptly.

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Save $20 for Every 100 Statements with RevClear

RevClear is a powerful tool designed specifically for optometry practices that use RevolutionEHR. This integrated claims-processing offering simplifies the billing and collections process, providing faster and more accurate reimbursements. With RevClear, optometrists can streamline their revenue cycle management by automating their statement processing, submitting claims electronically, and posting payments automatically.

Electronic Claim Management

RevClear offers a comprehensive solution for electronic claim management, streamlining the process of uploading and sending bulk claims directly to the payer in one place. You can manage all your claims in one place without logging into separate systems, process claims faster, review rejected claims, and resubmit them promptly to increase your payer acceptance rate up to 98.06%.

With RevClear’s integrated clearinghouse, you can easily access electronic claims submission to receive payments from insurance companies. With the auto-posting feature, you can automatically allocate payment amounts within RevolutionEHR, enabling you to process payments quickly and efficiently.

Using RevClear, optometry practices can reduce claim transaction time by 8.5 minutes, recover up to 60% of denied claims, and save as much as $20 for every 100 statements.

Integrated Statement Management

RevClear’s integrated statement management system can help your practice to streamline patient statement processing, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. With this tool, you can create customizable batch statements for mailing to patients, and the clearinghouse will send patient statements on your behalf.

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Streamline Your Practice With RevolutionEHR

RevolutionEHR is a powerful cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software designed specifically for optometry practices. With RevolutionEHR, you can streamline your practice and improve efficiency in every aspect of your workflow.

From appointment scheduling and patient management to billing and reporting, RevolutionEHR offers a comprehensive suite of features to help you run your practice more smoothly. Its intuitive interface is easy to use, and its customizable templates allow you to tailor the system to your needs. Plus, RevolutionEHR fully complies with all industry standards, so you can rest assured that your patient data is always secure and protected.

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