RevolutionEHR is not only the leading cloud-based software for eye care, it is a complete electronic health record and practice management solution, all in one single platform. Check out some of our features.

Electronic Health Record

  • Customizable exam encounters
  • Simple yet flexible data entry
  • Access to historical exam data
  • Pull forward previous test results
  • Customizable test findings and default normal settings
  • Documents and images management
  • Automated referral letters and patient education
  • Health Canada’s Drug Product Database
  • Integrated optical Rx creation
  • Instant invoice creation
  • Seamless ePrescribing
  • Refractive device integration
  • Customized care plan/protocol library
  • Drawing tool
  • Master problem list

Practice Managment System

  • EHR Centric
  • Scheduling
  • Accounting
  • Patient recall lists
  • Claims submissions via OHIP, AHCIP, and MSP of BC
  • Reconciliation
  • 256 bit data encryption
  • Product/service catalog
  • Document management
  • Letters generation
  • Intra-office task management
  • User specific access/restrictions
  • Pre-built and customizable reports-accounting, patient data, scheduling, optical/inventory, marketing and sales

Personal Health Record

  • Secure patient access
  • Integrated secure patient messaging
  • Online patient history entry
  • Access to order status
  • Access to account balance
  • Access to practice contact information
  • Display patient’s next appointment
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Tablet, iPad, MAC, or PC


  • Orders
  • Inventory
  • Reconciliation
  • Distribution center management
  • Bar code scanning
  • Product catalog
  • Order status tracking
  • Label printing
  • VisionWeb integration
  • FRAMESData integration

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