Patient Engagement



RevConnect is patient engagement software within RevolutionEHR that simplifies the delivery and tracking of messages to your patients via text and email.

RevConnect includes appointment and recall reminders, recare, optical order status updates, birthday messages, RevConnect Campaigns, and dedicated dashboards to track performance metrics.


RevConnect – Now With Two-Way Texting

With two-way texting from RevConnect, communicating with your patients has never been easier! Seamlessly connect phone numbers to patient profiles for complete visibility and enjoy the streamlined efficiency of rapidly sending and receiving messages. Plus, the intuitive new messaging screen makes it easy to view past conversations and respond in real-time.

Two-way texting also features:

  • Automated prompts and responses.
  • Communication safeguards to protect your practice.
  • Personalized options like patient-initiated messaging.

Simplify your direct messaging with two-way texting from RevConnect and enjoy better communication with patients today.

Introducing RevConnect Campaigns

RevConnect Campaigns is a new email messaging tool that merges the power of RevolutionsEHR's Reports module with the simplicity of RevConnect making it easy to create and send messages to just the patients you'd like to reach.

  • Adding a new frame line and want all patients with active glasses prescriptions to know?
  • Want to let all your patients know of new safety procedures being followed in the practice?
  • Interested in sending a thank you note to patients who spent a certain amount of money in the practice over a defined period of time?
  • Holding an event and want to send personalized invitations to patients that have been seen in the last two years?
  • All of that and more is possible with RevConnect Campaigns.

Introducing RevConnect Campaigns

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