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Multi-Location Practices

Multiple locations bring an additional level of IT sophistication to an optometry practice.....

And no extra cost with RevolutionEHR.

Multi-locations usually mean more doctors, more staff, and more complexity.   What it shouldn’t require is additional technology to run your EHR.

Our web-based architecture eliminates the need to synchronize data between two or more locations.  No VPNs, no remote access, no remote desktop – just connect to the internet and login to RevolutionEHR from any location and you will have instant access to all the information in your practice.

Our support of multiple locations goes beyond the benefits of the cloud, we’ve designed RevolutionEHR to meet the needs of a multiple location practice:

  • Access any patient record from any location – no need to fax records back and forth
  • Reports can be generated for one location or the entire practice
  • Access the schedule for each office from any location
  • You can have a unique business ID for each location (or not)
  • Permission can be granted by role to control who has access to data for each location
  • Employees can be restricted to access data for just one location (or not)
  • Patients can come to any location and you will have access to their records

What’s the additional cost for having more than one location?  – $0.  We price our monthly fee based on the number of doctors, not the number of locations.   If you are a solo practice in a rural setting with three different locations – you just pay the single doctor fee!   On the other hand, if you are a 6 doctor practice adding a new satellite office, the cost is based on Full Time Equivalent doctors, independent of the number of locations.



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"My income was amazing this past year and I feel it is directly a result of the change to RevEHR!..."
- Joan Ploem Miller, OD, Hillsboro, OR
"pleased with your personal service..."
- David Fox, OD, Wellsboro, PA
"A+ on the conversion..."
- Ed Pizio, Sahara Eye Center, Las Vegas, NV
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