Differentiate Your Practice Through Technology

Written by Scott Jens, O.D., F.A.A.O., Chief Executive Officier at RevolutionEHR

Differentiate Your Practice Through Technology

For decades, advances in technology have improved both the diagnosis and treatment of vision and eye health. The optometrist’s practice took on a new and improved feel, for example, each time that visual field testing technology stepped forward. In this environment, patient care delivery models improved, but so did the differentiation of a practice from others through technology.

Often, a practice website describes the use of advanced technologies — and perhaps one or two O.D.s in that doctor’s vicinity are equally sophisticated — but the reality is that every optometry practice must increase the use of new technologies. Then, share these new technologies with the community of eyecare consumers so they understand how you are improving the level of care.

In this article, I present 10 technologies that can help differentiate your practice from others. I caution against evaluating these solely on their direct financial return on investment (ROI) due to the number of procedures you can perform or because they help sell more of a particular product. The reason: The healthcare world is transitioning from fee-for-service care toward fee-for-value care, so O.D.s must demonstrate effective outcomes of quality vision and eye health just to be included on provider panels.

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