MIPS Consultation

Miffed by MIPS?

Let’s face it: not many health care providers like quality reporting programs like MIPS.

In fact, just trying to figure out the basics can stop people from even getting started.

But with MIPS controlling Medicare Part B reimbursement change for the majority of optometrists it’s important to understand what your requirements truly are and how you might be able to actually use MIPS to see higher reimbursements in the years ahead.

With those ideas in mind, consider joining the RevolutionEHR Quality Reporting team for a personalized, complimentary 30-minute discussion to help you get your bearings.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Eligibility Review

Let’s talk a bit about your practice and see what your absolute requirements are as well as your opportunities for reimbursement enhancement

MIPS Introduction

How does MIPS even work? How can it help you be paid more for the care you’re providing? We’ll answer those questions for you in an easily understood format.

Scorecard Orientation

We’ll provide an introduction to the MIPS scorecards in RevolutionEHR and how they can be configured and run to monitor your progress

Resource Discussion

Now that you know what your requirements are, how MIPS can help you see higher reimbursements, and how to track your progress in RevolutionEHR we’ll explore the resources you have at your fingertips as a RevolutionEHR user, including the RevAspire partnership service.

Schedule Your MIPS Consultation Today

This discussion is provided free of charge to RevolutionEHR customers and without further obligation. Our aim is to simply arm you with the facts so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding MIPS participation.

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